Ice skating is a hugely popular activity that forms the basis of many winter sports, including the famous Winter Olympics Games.    Figure skating, ice hockey and speed skating  is also an accessible and social pastime which offers a diverse range of health and fitness benefits. Whether you hope to improve balance, strengthen leg muscles or gain nimbler footwork, it could be time to get your skates on!



Our Skate UK class is designed for skaters over the age of five years and is a fun experience. During the skaters tuition time in the Skate UK class they will be taught the grassroots levels of ice figure skating. Skaters will endeavour to attain eight grade badges, each badge level assisting the skater to become more proficient in the sport. During the class, which takes place between 11.15am and 11.45pm each Saturday  and also a Wednesday evening from 05.45pm - 06.15pm, The skater will receive half an hour tuition from one of our BIS fully qualified coaching staff.  Skaters who have achieved the eight grade levels will then have the option to continue into the Star Class where they can achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold Star badges.

Skaters attending this class are also able to take part in our twice yearly Spiral, Spin and Jump fun competition. This fun competition normally takes place in late November early December and again in late April early May. I would stress that this not a competition as such but a fun day where everyone is a winner and everyone receives a trophy or medal!!

it should be said that during the skaters time in the Skate UK programme they will have the opportunity to receive a private lesson from one of our three resident club coaches and become a full skating member of Kyle FSC.   Cost: £30.00 for five week block of lessons.

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